If you’re thinking about creating a website for your business, then you’re likely considering two popular options: Wix and WordPress. Both of these content management systems are very different, but offer somewhat similar results at a beginner level.

Generally, WordPress is considered the better option of the two. In fact, WordPress is widely known as the best content management system in the world, and for good reason, too. However, I’ll spare you the details for now.

This blog post will highlight the pros and cons of both popular Content management systems, Wix and WordPress, helping you decide which is best for you and your business. Oh, and a little clue: the answer is most definitely WordPress…

Wix vs. WordPress customization options 

When it comes to customization, the Wix platform is limited. For instance, you can only really use templates, whereas with WordPress, you can write custom code and use various themes to achieve the design you want.

In particular, these templates from Wix will quite quickly become outdated, requiring an update from the theme creator (which may never happen), rendering your site outdated, too. This can be a huge issue, perhaps contributing to slower site speeds, security issues, and other shortcomings.

WordPress, however, is super easy to update, with new updates rolled out several times a month.

Accommodating website growth

One major flaw with the Wix platform is in its website growth. For example, Wix is not intended for the biggest websites, with site speed crawling to a halt, and quite frankly, not much room for growth. With WordPress though, you can constantly upgrade your site, using custom code to always improve, going above and beyond with no limit.

Support options 

Both WordPress and Wix offer support options. However, generally, the Wix support team is slightly better. But argably, there is so much support out there from independent creators and web developers that WordPress can still contend, even if this support is third-party based.

Nonetheless, this could be a reason why you may choose Wix as a brand new business owner.


Finally, we have price. Both WordPress and Wix have free options, both with limited features. Arguably, out of the two the Wix limited features are worse than the WordPress ones. However, actual cost is factored into the equation, Wix incurs a monthly fee, and that is it. With WordPress, you’re looking at hosting, web design, and any other support required from a professional web developer.

Once again, this could be a key reason for you choosing Wix over WordPress. But generally, WordPress is the better option.

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