I am very relieved and happy that we are on board with you. I never liked where we were with the other web designer because every time I asked what exactly they were doing for what we were paying I never really got a specific answer. I already understand more than I ever did with them.

Portofino Restaurants

Ever been wandering aimlessly? Then out of the blue, you meet someone that helps you to find your way back on course? Thank you Jarod Thornton, for your help, patience and redirection.

Bob TiellOur Pet Beyond

Jarod provides expert services & solid results, in a timely, professional manner, at a reasonable cost. Jarod has gone the extra mile in assisting me with IT, internet marketing, & website issues.

Equine Travel Writer

Jarod has been a pleasure to work with. After turning our web site over to him we have seen a substantial increase in traffic. I highly recommend him.

Paul NollerDesigner Cabinets

Jarod is knowledgeable, talented, creative, very professional, and an enjoyable person to work with. I have been quite pleased with every project he has helped me with, and highly recommend him. I'm certain I will utilize his services again in the future.

Racing & Riding

Jarod is top-notch when it comes to all things web development. He has proven his ability to use the power of the web to help grow his client's business time and time again.

Jeremy Warren

Jarod has been an absolute joy to work with. His company is a fabulous company with an exceptionally great staff. I would recommend Jarod to my customers for any business needs.

Best of Lex

Jarod Thornton and his team created my vision with a fabulous website. His talents & problem solving abilities distinguish his work from the norm. I would strongly recommend his services.

Dixie Entertainment

Jarod does great work! We have worked with Jarod on several projects. I have been very comfortable having him work directly with our clients.

Robert G Clark

Jarod is sharp, punctual and use all of the latest software and keep everything they do up to date. What they offer is very affordable considering that others do less and charge more.

Will Bunge

Jarod is my web designer for life and I recommend their service to anyone who needs a website, whether its for business, non-profit or personal.

Dewayne Smithers

Without exception, response has been immediate and the work more than satisfactory. In every case, the cost has been reasonable.

Jan Yon