Jarod Thornton

“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”

Jarod Thornton is an award winning web designer, experienced developer, and webmaster. Since 2008 he has worked with more than 100 companies planning and executing effective web based services. When he isn’t glued to a computer screen, Jarod spends time working with men in recovery, enjoying outdoors and spending quality time with his sons. His biggest goal in life is to be an outstanding father, friend, and companion.

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In 2017 Jarod took on a position with DV8 Vocational and Training Foundation to further work on his personal recovery from drugs and alcohol. Coming from a traumatic childhood where substance use disorder was a part of daily life at age 12, it followed him into his adulthood. While working as a freelance web developer, and even owning his own company for eight years was an awesome experience, it wasn’t enough to provide meaning and purpose. His employment at DV8 and working alongside others who are active in recovery gave him a second chance. “Recovery lifestyle” is a big part of his happiness and peace of mind.



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