If you’re considering creating a brand new website, or perhaps updating your existing site, then you may be tempted to use a template to get started. However, how effective are these templates? And more importantly, are they better than custom web design?

Often, when we hear the word templates, we automatically think of platforms such as Squarespace. But there are also pre-built templates for other content management systems, such as WordPress.

Generally, templates can be a great tool for those starting out on a budget. However, custom web design is usually far superior and this article will explain my reasoning behind this. 

Fewer customization options

It may sound like a no-brainer, but templates offer a whole lot less customization than custom web design. With templates, you’re limited by what elements you can include, where you can position images, your headers are much more cookie-cutter, and so forth.

Now, as mentioned previously, there is nothing wrong with a template for those just starting out. But if you’re wanting to leave a lasting impression with your customers, standing out from your competition, then a custom website is the way to go. 

Shorter development cycle 

A development cycle is how quickly the website can be developed. Unlike custom web design, templates offer quicker cycles, with your website up and running in as little as one day. However, despite this obvious benefit, you are still left with fewer customization options, and perhaps, depending on updates on your CMS, left without the right template or design for days, if not weeks, and maybe even months (worst case).

Custom web design is more SEO-friendly

Finally, custom web design is often much more SEO-friendly than your standard template. This is due to numerous reasons, including custom HTML and code, faster loading speeds, and better reading and understanding of your site by search engines such as Google.

The more SEO-friendly your website is, the more traffic you’ll receive, which subsequently translates to more leads and sales – a win, win if you ask me.

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