Yesterday I shared Websites that Use WordPress outlining awards and notable websites running WordPress. If you missed that short read, check it out here

WordPress runs more than 34% of the internet. It’s the most popular open-source technology, blogging technology, and Content Management System on the entire internet. The most simple of websites, blogs, complex portals and enterprise websites, and applications, are using WordPress in 2019. This is a really big deal for web developers and designers!

Let’s Talk Websites

Whether you are looking to be upfront and personal, sharing resources, information and multimedia content, or establishing a corporate, small business, organization or government entity, WordPress is a great platform for running a website.

In the decade (+) of my experience on the internet developing websites, the majority of the websites typically served to distribute information in a manner that allowed ease of sharing via social media networks and providing methods of connecting with the website owner(s).

My Favorite Websites

I enjoy the creative side of building websites. The themes and graphic interface can easily be customized with some basic knowledge of point-and-click. If you can use a mouse and keyboard, WordPress is a good fit. It really is that simple!

Going beyond the simplicity of drag-and-drop functionality, WordPress is pretty simple in terms of styles and programming. The themes can be further customized using CSS and the core functionality modified with PHP. This gets more into the coding end of website design, but I still consider myself somewhat novice in my programming skill.

That said, my favorite websites are those personal and small business websites! I really enjoy taking a weekend to setup a new installation of WordPress and dig into design / development.

Freelance Web Design

Today I freelance in my time off from baking bread and pastry treats for DV8. I enjoyed owning my own business and being self-employed, but at this “phase of my development,” freelance is much more rewarding.

I use WordPress for all my projects. Stay tuned to learn more about WordPress and please reach out if you have an interest in your own website!

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