Why is WordPress so popular, and should you make the switch? Here’s what you need to know.

Chances are you’ve heard of WordPress, especially if you manage a website or have spent any amount of time on the internet.

But why is WordPress so popular? Well, unlike other blogging platforms such as Wix, Squarespace, and HubSpot, WordPress allows you to create a fully customized website with low load times, a variety of plugins to suit your needs, and a personalized experience, unlike any other platform.

This blog post will highlight four reasons why WordPress is so popular, beginning with a big one: it’s free.

WordPress is free

That’s right, WordPress is free. 

While you’ll need to pay for hosting and your domain name, with a WordPress site you can easily get up to speed for a low cost.

Because it’s a free tool, you’ll need to do a little more work than template and cookie-cutter options from other website builders – but trust me, it’s worth it.

Thousands of plugins 

When you choose WordPress, you gain access to thousands of plugins, both free and paid options.

There are plugins for everything, whether increasing website speed, setting up a CDN, creating an e-commerce payment path, or setting up redirects directly from the platform.

Although it may look complicated at first – the platform is actually easy to use. 

Once you’ve chosen a theme and got the ropes, you’ll find creating content, pages, and other elements easy.

And if you find yourself stuck, visual builders such as Divi and Elementor provide you with all the features you’ll ever need.

It’s built with search in mind

While other platforms are search engine optimized, arguably, WordPress is most optimized – built with search in mind. 

The semantic markup lets Google discover and read content with ease, allowing you to rank better with no additional effort.

If you are currently using another content management system, perhaps Squarespace or HubSpot, then you should consider moving over to WordPress.

WordPress is free, has endless customization options, is designed for search, and is the leading platform.

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