Whether you’re just starting your website or you’ve had a blog set up for quite some time, you’ve likely encountered the frustration of finding images for your website.

Finding images can be complicated and time-consuming: can you steal others’ photos? Should you take your own images? Or can you use stock image sites?

Well, this article has all the answers, helping you find the best free pictures for your website.

Stock images: yes or no?

Typically, I’d advise against stock images. However, sometimes they are a fantastic option.

If you can use your own images, then I’d recommend doing that. But if you don’t have access to your own images, whether a lack of equipment, time, other resources, or even the physical location to take the picture, then stock images are your best friend.

The main reason I’d advise against stock images is that they are common – you’ll likely find many other websites using the same photos. You need to be original!

Should you use other people’s photos?

This is also something I would advise against doing. Sometimes, you can use other people’s images if you give credit. But this is a slippery slope, so I’d not recommend going down this route unless you have explicit credit from the original owner of the image(s). 

Taking your own images is best for your website

In an ideal world, all of the images on your website would be captured by yourself. 

You don’t even need a fancy camera as these days, your smartphone is good enough to capture some crystal clear images that are uniquely your own.

This is increasingly important for websites that write review posts, showcasing that you actually own the product (fun fact: this may also increase your ranking in Google for these sorts of posts).

Finding the best free pictures for your website

Finding the best images for your website can be difficult. But I’d recommend sourcing your own where possible, and occasionally using stock images if you’re either in a rush or don’t have access to the resources.

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