In 2010 I took a serious interest in WordPress as a web content publishing platform. Going back to 2008 when I started doing work on the web, it was still a smallish blogging platform. Since then it’s grown into a behemoth for content publishers and websites the world over.

WordPress Awards

According to the builtwith trends WordPress is:

  • The most popular open-source technology in the US and the entire internet!
  • The most popular blogging technology in the US and the entire internet!
  • The most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the entire internet!
  • 3rd most popular CMS in the United States
  • Used on more than 27 million live websites

That’s really impressive! There are millions of individuals, businesses, and entities using WordPress.

WordPress Notable Websites

It goes without saying that when millions of websites use a software, there will be some very recognizable names in the mix. Here are a few 🙂

  • The Official Star Wars Blog
  • Sony Music
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • MTV News
  • PlayStation Blog
  • Beyonce
  • Facebook Newsroom
  • The New York Times Company

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the simplest way to get a website up and running, scaled to meet your needs today and in the future. I will be writing more about WordPress, how I use it in my freelance design, and how you can use it for your personal or professional website! Learn more at

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