So, you’ve heard of affiliate marketing, but what is high-ticket affiliate marketing?

High ticket affiliate marketing refers to commission sales on high ticket products, generating a greater income percentage.

For example, a standard affiliate marketing program may offer an affiliate user 3% (or less) on a given product worth $50. The payout would be $1.50 per sale. With high ticket affiliate marketing, a product may be worth $5000 but with a 5% commission, generating a $250 income per sale.

Typically, high ticket affiliate marketing for beginners can be difficult to get started, but it is possible – here’s what you need to know.

High ticket affiliate marketing is not for everyone

Typically, those who have previous experience with regular affiliate marketing will be better suited and perhaps more successful at high ticket affiliate marketing.

As you’re selling higher quality and more expensive items, whether diamond jewelry or online courses, you need expert sales and writing skills to convince customers to spend their hard-earned money. 

Although, with that being said, it is possible. But just more difficult for beginners.

How to get started – affiliate marketing for beginners 

To get started, I’d recommend trying your hand at regular affiliate marketing first.

Once you’ve got a bit of experience behind your belt, or if you’re just eager to jump the gun, you’ll want to look for higher ticket affiliate marketing programs.

These are usually pretty simple to find – but if you’re struggling to find the best high ticket affiliate programs, don’t be afraid to approach companies and ask them directly if they have a program or offer sign-up bonuses and other benefits.

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

To summarise

High ticket affiliate marketing can be challenging – it’s not for everyone.

Typically, I would suggest starting with lower ticket items to develop your affiliate marketing skills before attempting to sell high ticket items.

But, it can be done – find a program that works for you, stick to their guidelines, and create content around these products on your website (reviews, top ten product listicles, comparisons, etc.).

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