Affiliate marketing has been around for years – a popular way to make money for internet gurus, hobby website enthusiasts, businesses, and others.

For those that don’t know, affiliate marketing is where a website or user links to a product in exchange for a commission on the sale. This commission is typically anywhere from 2-20%, but rates vary depending on the publisher.

A done-for-you affiliate marketing system allows you to create a second income stream with less work, but more on that in this article.

How much work does it take to create an affiliate website?

Creating an affiliate website takes time. You need to buy a domain, design a website, write website copy, and then review products to link to earn a commission. 

It requires a lot of work and effort, but it can be very worthwhile.

If you’re not experienced in website design, web copy, and writing, or affiliate marketing, then there’s a learning curve you’ll have to ride.

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What is done for you affiliate marketing?

A done-for-you affiliate marketing system is where all the hard work is done for you.

For example, someone else will create the website, build backlinks, and begin writing review content so you begin making money.

Despite this, a common mistake many people make is purchasing an affiliate site and then putting no more work into it.

These sites require constant work, updates, and maintenance to perform well.

How do you get a done for you affiliate marketing system?

You can either purchase an affiliate website that is already made and is earning money, or alternatively, you can hire freelancers to build out each component of the site (website design, web copy, blog posts, and review content).

We’d recommend working with a team if you’re got the funds to begin. However, if not, you can create your own website and begin writing the content yourself with little to no expense.

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