If you’re struggling to find images to use on your website, social media, or other places online, then you may want to consider the use of free stock images. These stock images are taken by various people, some photographers, others just sharing their art of taking pictures. These photos are uploaded to free stock image websites, available for download by the masses.

The need for stock images has never been higher, with more and more websites set up every single day. However, is it okay to use free stock images on your website? Generally, yes – It is perfectly fine. But you do need to make sure they are free to use before uploading them to your latest blog article.

So, with this in mind, this blog post will discuss more on stock images and why you should consider using them.

Stock images are a great alternative to taking your own images

For starters, using stock images is a great alternative to taking your own images. Sometimes, you’re stretched for time, unable to take your own photos. Other times, it doesn’t make sense to capture your own images. And for those other times, it’s unpractical and would take too much time and resources for one single image.

Use free stock images to complement your existing work, fulfilling the need for certain images to increase accessibility.

A quick solution 

Following on from my previous point, stock images are generally a quick solution. Whether you forgot to capture a photo or you don’t yet have the resources to invest in premium image solutions or services, free stock images will serve you well! If you’re feeling generous, you can even add image credit, too! (Sometimes this is required, but usually, for free stock images, it isn’t. However, it’s best to check before adding these to your website.)

Free stock images are not just for your website either…

Finally, it is worth noting that free stock images are not exclusively just for your website, either. They can be used anywhere, whether that’s on social media or maybe even in a printed leaflet or e-book. 

There are many different sites to choose from, with some of my favorites including Unsplash and Pexels. But there are also many more options available. 

So, begin using stock images today to add a new element to your website, keeping your readers engaged, and perhaps even offering credit and further exposure to those who took the images!

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