Whether it’s your first time hearing about digital marketing, or you’re familiar with the term, you may be curious as to whether content is necessary for any digital marketing strategy. The answer is yes! Content is king not only for digital marketing, but for your entire web and social media presence.

This blog post will discuss more on content, including what classifies as content, the benefits, and more.

What is content in a digital marketing strategy?

There are numerous different types of content within a digital marketing strategy, including blog posts, video blogs, social media posts, and even landing pages. Anything you create and share with others is technically considered as content and is certainly something you should prioritize moving forward.

Despite this, arguably the most popular form of content within a digital marketing strategy is written content, mainly blog posts. This is because blogs allow you to target specific keywords in-depth, increasing your ranking in Google, and obtaining more organic traffic to your website and business. 

What are the benefits of creating content?

So, now that you know what the different types of content are, what are the benefits of producing regular content? For starters, the more blogs, videos, and posts you have, the more people will find your posts and website. This means more traffic, leads, and conversions – a no-brainer, really. 

Following on from my previous point, the more content you have, the more you can be considered an “expert” within your industry or niche. This, too, allows you to gain authority, increasing the likeliness of a customer making a purchase or inquiry. 

How do you start producing content?

To conclude: content should be a part of every digital marketing strategy – it’s a crucial component directly correlated with success. To start, we recommend writing SEO-focused blogs, social media posts, and if you want to stay ahead of the curve, video content, too.

If you don’t consider yourself a writer, or you don’t have the time to produce content yourself, then I can help you build that trust with your audience – contact me today to find out more!

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