Managing customer reviews is an important component when it comes to maintaining your reputation online as a business. Often, many business owners and others confuse managing reviews with the successful management of reviews. While you can reply to any old comment in the same generic way, this isn’t the most effective way to manage your online presence.

With this in mind, this blog post will discuss reviews management, more specifically, how you can better manage your reviews as a business online.

Respond to ALL reviews

Firstly, when managing your online presence, you should respond to ALL reviews, not just the positive ones. If a user or customer has a negative experience and leaves a negative review, you should publicly respond in an honest and thoughtful manner. 

The same applies to positive reviews; thank your customers for taking the time to write something kind, and let them know they’re welcome back anytime/you’re looking forward to their next purchase. These types of interactions help build trust with your audience, increasing the likelihood of them returning in the future, 

Create a business page 

If you want your reviews to be displayed publicly, you need to register your enterprise or website on Google my business. This tool shows your reviews for all to see and also lets you respond to these.

You should also create pages with Yelp, Tripadvisor (if necessary), and other common review sites to manage your online presence. 

Decide who manages your reviews

To keep your reviews management consistent and of high-quality, you should delegate one team member to the role. If you’re a relatively small to mid-sized business, then this shouldn’t be too large a role, however, it may require responses to a handful of reviews a day.

Whoever manages these reviews, ensure they have a strong customer service attitude, are friendly, and more importantly, know your business in and out – they know what they are doing!

Take the feedback onboard

Finally, our number one tip to successful reviews management is to take the feedback you receive onboard. Some reviews may be less accurate than others; however, if you learn from your mistakes and/or focus on areas in which you can improve, your reviews and customer experience will no doubt improve.

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