We can all make basic adjustments to our website and content to improve SEO, increasing organic traffic, and domain authority. Little SEO-focused tasks build-up, compounding to great results, enriching user experience, and driving more users to your website, perhaps even into your store.

This article will highlight four basic, but effective SEO adjustments you can make on your website, beginning with image descriptions and file names.

1. Optimize image descriptions and file names 

Editing image descriptions and alt tags improve SEO, increasing your likelihood of ranking for key terms and phrases. You should also rename your image files before uploading these, further optimizing for SEO and increasing organic traffic to your website.

2. Optimizing meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are the small snippet of text that appears in search engines such as Google under the title of a page or blog post. Like your pages and posts, these also need to be keyword-focused and well written. If your description is not engaging, people will not click on your page or post: it’s that simple. 

Tip: Write your meta description first. Many people write these after finishing a blog post or page, rushing these and treating them as an “afterthought.” 

3. Save all images in smaller file sizes 

User experience is the backbone of all websites. If a user has a poor experience, they will click off your website and visit another. 

One simple, but effective way to increase your website’s speed is by saving images in smaller file sizes. This decreases the load time of your page, increasing user experience. 

If using adobe photoshop, we recommend exporting all images for web (legacy). This compresses images without sacrificing on quality, reducing image size drastically, and improving web and user experience.

4. Create keyword-focused content

Finally, create keyword-focused content, whether that’s pages or blog posts. Use tools such as Ahrefs or Ubersuggest to conduct keyword research, allowing you to create content that will produce real results, increasing organic traffic to your website.

Consider adding keywords to your site’s pages, whether that’s your homepage, about us page, or service page. This will increase your page ranking and traffic, generating further business, whether that’s views to your site or physical footfall to your store.

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