I enjoy life to the fullest as a proud father of two wonderful boys, eldest brother of five, and son to an amazing mother.

I love the people I am surrounded by.

I am incredibly grateful to be alive and thriving 🙂

My Background

Prior to 2008 I jumped from one job to another trying to find my way and a career path. I worked for ATT / Cingular Wireless as a CSR for a year in 2006 then moved to Lexington, Ky.

My first job in the web industry was working for an online health products company. Their bread-and-butter was online sales generated through traffic on the web. Using a combination of search engine marketing, email campaigns and affiliate networking, our average monthly sales were in excess of $100k.

During my time at the health products company I worked alongside the graphic designer, web developer, content writers and webmaster. I learned a wealth of information and found something I really enjoyed. in 2008 I started a company with a partner and never looked back.

Where I’ve Worked

2020 - Present
Adopt the Web
2017 - 2020
DV8 Foundation
2016 - 2017
BT Web Group
Emajen Web Services
2008 - 2010
Green Thumb Marketing
2007 - 2008
Trusted Health Products
2005 - 2006
AT&T / Cingular Wireless