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Hypothesize – Observable Theory of Love

Hypothesize – Observable Theory of Love

You are welcome to skip all the study below based on my observations and accept the following conclusion of what I believe is love.

Love is Virtuous Relationship

Relationship is intended to test my virtuous self by the morale of my heart to find love at little to no loss.
Here’s what Thou art to my self *context outlined in study.  


Using Science and Art

A Hypothesis (plural hypotheses) is a proposed explanation for a phenomenon. For a hypothesis to be a scientific hypothesis, the scientific method requires that one can test it.
Scientists generally base scientific hypotheses on previous observations that cannot satisfactorily be explained with the available scientific theories.
A working hypothesis is a provisionally accepted hypothesis proposed for further researchen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypothesis
Talent was one of several ancient units of mass, a weight, as well as corresponding units of value equivalent to these masses of a precious metal. For example an Attic talent of silver was the value of nine man-years of skilled work.
The talent as a unit of value is mentioned in the New Testament in Jesus’s parable of the talents. This parable is the origin of the sense of the word “talent” meaning “gift or skill” as used in English and other languages – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talent_(measurement)  –

Steps of the Scientific Method

The scientific method is a way to ask and answer scientific questions by making observations and doing experiments.
The steps of the scientific method are to:

  • Ask a Question
  • Do Background Research
  • Construct a Hypothesis
  • Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment
  • Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion
  • Communicate Your Results

It is important for your experiment to be a fair test. A “fair test” occurs when you change only one factor (variable) and keep all other conditions the same.

The Single Step to Art

1) Learn to be true to your self.

Practical Application

Relationship is one of many difficult interpersonal communications to understand.  An idea that relationships start with one self and one variable; self and another person.  To determine which approach to take we test different theory with observable results.  Sometimes we continue our testing with the same near copy of the variable.  Einstein defined this as insanity; testing a theory with the same variable.
Correcting this hypothesis only requires a new variable which ideally adjusts the theoretical hypotheses plural.  At some point we should reach a desired observable conclusion.  However, many of us end up with an undesirable conclusion and we often throw in the towel and compromise our hearts by testing the same variable and accepting the conclusion is not intended to be desirable or that we’ve set our standards too high.


Getting Depth by Communication

My choice in using those words that say the same thing as the more proper use of language; communication is intended.  
My point is in using my writing style to effectively communicate my self; learned identity.  It’s nothing new and just as all creation shares the same genetic cellular data;  DNA or  Deoxyribonucleic Acid;  and made up the same dust, we are all wired similarly; God’s creation.  Don’t ask me to spell DNA as such.  Thank goodness for contextual spell check on the PC although, the mobile functions that perform similarly are not as easily learned tools for communication so we resort to use an adapted language…
We adapt the form of communication to to make it simpler and more effective to identify with others both as with the identity of self and the subject of Thou – http://www.kencollins.com/explanations/why-05.htm

Thee and Thou—and the Great Pronoun Famine

 I learn to pronounce these unusual terms for use in structuring my idea to employ effective communication with Thou, my variable subject.  
I’ve learned to pronounce in terms of structuring my variable; subject, as It in the past and I observed it was leading to loss so I decided to test these terms to find love and those two words make the difference by defining what is a most desirable subject and what is a desirable object.  Terms by which I test defined by a desirable subject results in finding love however, the terms by which I define as an object always lead to failure and heartache; loss.
We already communicate this way with everything that IS our understanding of God.  If God is Thou He is our subject of God whereas if God is It He becomes the object of God.  This is true with all things all places and all times.  

 Self and the Variable of Relationship

Relationship is not intended to convey the plural form of the word.  I use the word singularly as relationship is communication between my self and Thou.

Firing Glass Walls

Risk is involved due to our experience with variable who’s character may not be fit to the ideal relationship; the best idea of relationship.  Often there is a compromise resulting in heartache. It doesn’t have to conclude with any compromise in that of risk involved in finding relationship behind glass walls; we take our chances to find true love.
Acceptance of the data which leaves us disappointed eventually, building upon the resolved position, will build glass walls.  So it’s apparent by these terms that we build the glass walls keeping us from getting what we can clearly see is the best idea of true love.
These glass walls are fired by the scientific method of talent in the furnace of self. 

It’s absolutely both science and art.

Let us now test this hypothesis that talent determines relationship.
We cannot get what we want from our relationship.  Rather, our best targeted efforts to find a working equation; finding what is required; what we find of our relationship with the variable.
I purposefully attempt to make an intellectual approach to finding love in relationship because my scientific hypothesis creates the most logical test to prove that I’m a talented artist of love – lol.
Often we also have a skewed idea of what we want, or what is likely best for us emotionally, mentally and otherwise.  
From my own observation I’ve reached no conclusion except my prior attempts have been unsuccessful and now that I have a deeper understanding, after many failures, I am adjusting the variable – not a plural value but a single variable that is relationship to Thou, the subject of my hopeless romantic.  For this variable to change a lonely heart there is the risk of failing yet again however, we are changing the variable and it’s a worthwhile risk if you have the best idea fit for variable.
The nearest encounter of the best ideal; variable characteristics of relationship that meet our standards for proof our hypothesis is worth the risk and does not ever conclude a theory of loss but rather proving a conclusion of love. The highest calling in life is learning love and it is exactly a science defined as love as art.  It is only by some hope the muster of faith that love is a reality we keep taking the risk to find true love.


Two Fold

Loss is what breaks our heart because we end up with nothing but an empty and dark hole inside; emptiness.  Love fulfills the heart and fills the hole; the emptiness; by learning how to love in art those subjects of our testing hypotheses; learning thou may be fulfilled by love and in turn fill by the same measures.
What I am trying to outline here is how love and loss is two fold and at some point intersects at one or the other fold.

Our Morale

Our morals are a set of standards to test morale by.  Just as you would say precious metals are tested by a furnace to reach the most desirable purity, morale are tested by the flames to reach the most desirable idea and result; finding true love.  This testing would lead us to observation that our standards improve as it is learned to reach higher success in finding the best variable thus purity in relationship and true love.

Finding True Love

I’ve referenced this observation of testing standards and finding more desirable results; relationship;  as a variable fit to the ideal subject of Thou and finding true love.

Leading to Loss

The second observation is the exact opposite and leads to undesirable results; compromise; variable fit to the subject of Thou by idea.


Self Conclusion Definitive

We will never achieve a definitive conclusion we’ve found love without testing our standards risking our heart – self – unless we risk our heart to suffer self loss;  the pain of breaking self by testing our morale by standards of our ideal relationship.
This is a conclusion reached by the scientific method of hypothesizing ideas of how to find love and avoid being led to loss.

It is exactly Art and Science

We use what intellect we have to test our ideas of love.  We use what creation of love we find to make love as art.  A second conclusion reached only does what science does, asks the next question;  what is love? The results become our standards; the heart.  We test the heart by a risk of being led to inconclusive result; loss.  For me the hypothesized constant and variable are self and thou.
Self is our control; we are in control of self.  Thou is our variable; we can adjust our variable but cannot control them; they are not our control.  When both are methodically tested by the theoretical idea of love we are tested by relationship; the resulted environment is what we find of definitive love of Thou.  By this science we can also find results defining what love is not; by relationship.

What is love

The King James Version of the Holy Christian Bible has an interesting word to use in place of love; charity.


This word is exactly the one word you would use to describe what love is.  Charity is something that is given and received  It also the action of taking love once found.
Charitable Giving
Charitable giving is the act of love by means of a worthy cause such as true love in relationship. Charitable giving as an act of love is referred to as behavior showing high moral standards.  These are those very standards by which we test our hearts self and Thou to find resulting love.

Finding Love by Virtue

There’s the word to define our moral standards.
Now are all the words to say finding love only comes by testing our morale against virtue.

Love is Virtuous Relationship

My relationship is intended to test my virtuous self by the morale of my heart to find love and experience little or no loss.  By these measures true love is very easily given and received.  By understanding this I also accept the measure of taking love if found fit to ideal relationship.
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