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Hopeful Expectations

Hopeful Expectations

I had to ask myself today what it is exactly that hope produces and it’s role in my life.

What is hope

I assumed to understand what this means to me until I honestly asked myself what to do with it. Is hope something that we displace when our aspiration is in question or is it something we have regardless?
Naturally, I had to determine the accurate definition of hope, sure that this would bring clarity. It’s a serious question; should I carry myself aspiring with hope?
Paraphrased, hope is an optimistic attitude of mind based on an expectation of positive outcomes related to circumstances in one’s life.
Oh, OK. I can wrap my mind around that. Clearly we all have hope in some capacity, perhaps when we feel there is no hope it’s nothing that concludes hope is removed, we only train our minds to think so. We say things like, “I’ve lost all hope.” Is that true?

What are expectations

Defined, expectation is a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future; a belief that someone will or should achieve something; one’s prospects of inheritance.  That makes good sense…
I consider myself fairly self-aware and conscious of God’s presence in my life.  Never far removed from grace I work toward expectations derived from my hope.  However, hope can be dangerous without proper and healthy expectation.  What do you expect?  I have a habit of writing everywhere including on my walls – luckily I have dry erase boards and one specifically for such writings where I can reference a thought; the writing on the wall.
Recently I had to consider if my hope had merit in all expectations, but it didn’t start out with that thought process.  No, it started with the question; do I dismiss hope and employ my mental faculties to relinquish something which became redefined by circumstance?  My resolve wasn’t complete so I knew I wasn’t considering the correct definition of hope.  I thought about hope and considered the other option, the only other option I deduced; release of hand – or if I just use the term I had at the time and my question of hope, do I let go.  I hate that term.  It’s easier to use bigger words.  Letting go just seems like a cop-out.

What did you expect?

Where in the sky will you find my head?  Right there holding my heart.  Sometimes my heart suffers my mind fanciful ideas.  I attribute this to an emotional disposition that I’ve accepted and want dearly to sharpen.  This is my pencil of writ and it often makes it to paper.
I expect blue clouds and awe inspiring sunsets, but it’s typically not the reality we face on a daily.  I don’t suffer my heart the shadow of doubt and there’s a good synergy between my heart and being mindful.  How do they say, come correct son.  I come correct and if there’s a typo I turn the pencil on it’s head and erase to re-write.  The problem with using the eraser is that it’s like back peddling.
Well so it goes I adjusted my definition of hope to reflect what it is exactly in this heart and mindful logic.  Once I did so everything became a little more clear.  At the end of the day there is nothing to relinquish; nothing to un-hand; nothing to let go of.  There is only hope, the first step in three which confirms true love in one’s walk with God in life.  

Expect Hope

That’s it – expect hope.  Expect that no matter what you face in life, any untimely circumstance, all disappointment – you have HOPE.  That is beautiful.  There is no opposite it’s simply solid state; hope.
I realized it wasn’t even necessary to ask myself if I have the right expectation of any given situation.  Don’t get me wrong.  It doesn’t mean I won’t hurt or feel let down or tear up – cry over perceived loss…  It does mean that I must carry on and wave the banner of hope.  In doing so I will maintain faith and with hope and faith we can truly love.  Life is the subject and we subjects of life and as such the objective is to simply subjectively reach out for the object of love applied.
There’s no way to work through life with intellectual inquiry alone – you must learn to love.  Learning love will lead to acceptance – you can expect that.  

Expectations Hopeful

That’s my conclusion.  You must grieve loss when you loose but by doing so you only strengthen the heart.  Hope does that; heart-strong.  Head-strong will leave you utterly disappointed and alone.  A strong heart carries itself in stride and smiles and chooses to hope no matter what the circumstance.
Expectations hopeful of optimism bringing circumstances to the place they belong.  
When we harbor a closed mind and refuse to accept our circumstances it always results in disappointments and being forced to let go.  If you have expectations that hope is sufficient for faith and faith for love, you survive, you grow stronger.  We don’t have control of anyone else and most of the circumstances we face in life.  So it’s futile to hold on only to feel the option is to let go when the great let down arises or keep hopeful.  With the mindset of expecting hope you will never be let down.  I reiterate that it DOES NOT mean things won’t break your heart…  But it will give you strength to carry on.

Resolute Hope

As you were…  Keep hope in all things.  Don’t expect circumstances will resolve to what your head thinks is the drive behind hope.  Don’t do it.  Rather, expect hope will carry you no matter the circumstance.  You don’t even have to adjust that expectation when you fall.  The expectation of hope makes it easier to get up.
So, in close my resolution is to keep strong in hope that everything will work out in the end because all things work out anyway and all good things come to those who hope that faith in this will provide the nurturing to give anyone and everyone true love – it doesn’t come to an end…  It will only return ten fold so I’m on it.  I got this…
Keep a smile and open heart for by doing so you may find an angel in disguise as a stranger.


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