Online reputation is currently a hot topic in the world of digital marketing. For those that don’t already know, online reputation is how you appear to others online. Namely, if your business has several negative reviews, then users are likely to view your business as one they do not want to work with. 

Managing your online reputation as a business is crucial – this allows you to come across as somebody (or a brand) in which others want to work with. And as you’ve already guessed, this is essential to landing more business, leads, sales, and conversions.

So, this article will highlight several ways in which you can manage your online reputation as a business, including reviews, remaining active on social media, and remaining consistent across all platforms.

Use Google my business and respond to all reviews

If you don’t already use Google my Business, then you’re putting your business at a disadvantage. This tool increases local search engine optimization, essentially allowing you to appear higher in the search results locally.

Google my Business also allows you to add key business details, including a phone number, physical address, map, and further details on your profile. However, with a business profile, you can respond to reviews left by other users regarding your business. Responding to these is crucial, whether they are overwhelmingly positive, or negative. Remain professional when doing so and take feedback on board – your customers will appreciate it and you’ll learn more in the process!

Be active on social media platforms to further your online reputation 

This tip is rather simple, however, the more active you are on social media, the greater awareness others will have about your business. For example, you should regularly post on social media, share content, and respond to comments. These are just a few easy ways to further increase your online reputation in a good light.

Remain consistent when it comes to your online presence 

Finally, when it comes to maintaining an excellent online reputation, you should remain consistent with your online presence. This includes all aspects, such as responding to Facebook comments, replying to public reviews, private messages, posting to social media, and more.

The more active and consistent you are, the more accessible you appear to others, professional, and more likely others are to want to do business with you.

If you require help setting up a Google my Business profile or would like general support concerning your online reputation, then feel free to contact me – I’d be more than happy to help!

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