A content delivery network, also known as a CDN, is a proxy server used by web developers and websites to improve loading times, increasing performance and user experience. Without a CDN, user’s requests to view and access content are processed singularly and directly, usually producing slower load times due to the physical distance between host and customer. 

Without a CDN and with impressive traffic, your website may suffer dramatically, running much slower and struggling to process all requests for information. Not only does this slow your website down, but it may also impact your Google rankings, will negatively impact your user experience, and may even cost you a sale or conversion. 

The remainder of this blog post will discuss more on content delivery networks, including why they’re currently more important than ever, and why you should use a CDN for your own website.

Why are CDN’s currently more important than ever? 

The Google core web vital update rolled out earlier this year, further focusing on site speed and user experience. Therefore, improving site speed, including the delivery of the first content on your page directly influencers your user experience and thus ranking in the search engines.

Uses a CDN drastically improves your loading times, allowing you to improve user experience, and subsequently, may positively impact your Google rankings.

Why should you use a CDN? 

There are many CDN services available that do not break the bank. Using a CDN instead of standalone servers drastically improves the load times of all content for users all across the world. This is one of the best improvements and services you can invest in as a website owner, one which will certainly see an increased ROI.

To measure your current site speed as determined by Google, you can use the Web Dev site performance and speed test. If after analyzing your site you notice improvements to be made regarding loading times, e.g. video, code, text, then a CDN will directly fix and improve these will little to no required work.

To conclude

If you’re not using a CDN, then you risk falling behind your competition. Slower load times WILL now impact your search engine ranking positions, so it’s essential to get these sorted as soon as possible, optimizing your site for search and improving user experience.

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