I am very relieved and happy that we are on board with you. I never liked where we were with the other web designer because every time I asked what exactly they were doing for what we were paying I never really got a specific answer. I already understand more than I ever did with them.

I came into the office this morning, read an email prefaced with those words and it made me smile 🙂 This is why I go the extra mile, over communicate and over deliver on the services I charge for.

What clients have to say about my work

I admit that it brings me great joy to work with local businesses on their websites who in turn have such kind words to say about me. I love the work that I do and I’m passionate about it. When I work with small businesses, I love to sit down and listen to what it is they’re passionate about. 

Passion is contagious, even in web design

Ever been wandering aimlessly? Then out of the blue, you meet someone that helps you to find your way back on course? Thank you Jarod Thornton, for your help, patience and redirection.

These are the words of a business owner who spend thousands on a website only to be left feeling defeated and out a few grand. I spent hours with their family learning about their struggles and their goals. This is what it’s about for me!

These are only two reviews of the dozens sent to me. I’ve kept every testimonial over the past 13 years of my career and highlight many of them on my testimonials page.

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