Jarod Thornton

Web Development Professional

More than a decade of experience in the website design and development industry.
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What I Do
  • Services Management
  • Webmaster
  • Collaborative Workflow
  • Data Integration
  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • Business Consultation
  • Project Management

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How much can a beginner make in affiliate marketing?

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More and more people are discovering affiliate marketing, and more so, the many benefits that are on offer. For example, as opposed to other marketing methods, affiliate marketing requires little to no…

What is a CDN?

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A content delivery network, also known as a CDN, is a proxy server used by web developers and websites to improve loading times, increasing performance and user experience. Without a…

Why does user experience matter in web design?

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As a business owner, your website is one of the most important tools you have. A website allows you to generate organic traffic, create new leads, and generate more sales.…

Wix vs. WordPress: which one should you choose?

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If you’re thinking about creating a website for your business, then you’re likely considering two popular options: Wix and WordPress. Both of these content management systems are very different, but offer somewhat…

3 Tips for creating a more user-friendly website

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When creating a custom website for your business, or even editing your existing template or design, your ultimate goal should be to create a user-friendly experience. However, how do you define a…

4 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2021

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Digital marketing, sometimes referred to as online marketing, are the digital methods companies and brands use to connect with their consumers and other businesses. Adopting more efficient marketing methods not…
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