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Men and Happiness

Men and Happiness

“Men can only be happy when they do not assume that the object of life is happiness.” – George Orwell
I had an interesting conversation over this quote earlier. Happiness is relative, so I’ve been told. But I think there’s weight here in what is said.
If the object of life is happiness, then there would be little room for other things, like sadness. If the object of life is contentment, then where would grief fit in? Sadness and grief both fit and are wholly a part of the human experience. Therefore I cannot assume the object of life is happiness because if it were, I would never be happy.
There’s too much suffering for one to ignore and go about life as though they are entirely content. No, men can only be happy when it’s assumed that life happens, we don’t always understand and it doesn’t always feel good but it’s OK and there’s plenty to be thankful for, count your blessings and so on and so forth.
I can be happy, a genuinely happy person, even when I don’t feel 100% in my skin, content with my circumstances or otherwise peachy keen. That’s not the object of life you see, for if it were I would never be happy.
The object of life is gratitude. I am only as happy as I am thankful.

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