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Creature Of Habit – My Lizard Brain

Creature Of Habit – My Lizard Brain

Lately I’ve been catching up on my Netflix which includes Dexter. My brother highly suggested I should check it out, so I did and I absolutely love it. In season 7 his sister’ Lt. Morgan, discovers he is a serial killer and travels with a “dark passenger.” Dexter explains how their father gave him a “code” by which to vet his victims; he only kills deserving “bad” people who “slip through the cracks” of the justice system. He has a knack for learning of his victims guilt and determining if they meet the requirements for his “table.” He describes this to his sister as his “lizard brain.”
I thought “lizard brain” was fitting for this entry because I too have a unique mind and the most unconventional perception on life. I’m a creature of habit, but many of my habits are rather unhealthy and long-term will not be conducive to my livelihood. So, as a life-long resolution for health and well-being, I will try my best at changing my habits, using my brilliant lizard brain. I know the process for this will not be focusing on removal of the bad habits, but rather replacing them with new habits. It will take about 30 – 45 days to get new routine in place and the same time-frame for eliminating said habits.
If successful (the sooner the better), I will find more contentment and thus happiness in all I put my hand to. This lizard brain of mine has the capacity for such change and of this I am certain. I know my own laurels are insufficient; my thoughts must remain on the prize, my faith in God, my refuge. Only this will calm the storm that is my insanity, my creature of habit. Amen
Iguana by Petr Kratochvil

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