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Long Open Road

Long Open Road

September 2011 I wrote a track and sampled music from Troll creating a loop and recorded the track.  One thing to keep in mind; prior to mid 2013 I used profanity to “fill” the writing.  Earlier this year I decided I did not need to use this language to express myself. I’ve edited the explicit material out of this track instead of re-recording. I also no longer “smoke too much grass” LOL.

Here’s a sample lyric from the track titled Fire Burn.

the ground I walk on
sweat off my brow ain’t a spot off my proud ways
our days limited to the suns stay
and some say when the Son shows His face
shows the grace of the place to the right of His throne
our Father in Heaven whom we’ve hardly known
but we know was carrying our soul on the

long open road

More @ i.jarodthornton.com/bemis3lf/fire-burn

Road by Larisa Koshkina

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