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Confounded by the Details

Just finished reviewing motion to dismiss appeal… I honestly did not go through this motion in great detail – it’s like a hundred pages!
Here’s the kicker and I’m curious what my attorney will have to say about it… He suggested I not read the enclosed report which is only a few pages and I decided not to – I thought it would put me into such a light I wouldn’t be able to deal. Perhaps that was true at the time but I just read it… I can handle the truth today so much better than I have in the past.

Reflections of Character

I forget things as a defense – especially those that were of the worst flavor.  Oh my God I don’t understand how so much could go so wrong. 

Here’s where it gets interesting…

Of all the information by which the courts dismissed the appeal there are six pages throughout the too many to count that – well they have at least three other people / families listed on the report – really?  Two such pages are completely about other people!  wha!
Despite this, I am firm in my own assessment that in fact I made mistakes and I know that’s on me; my faults. The specific report my attorney referenced was difficult to digest – who likes being thrown under a bus? Well I made my home under one :/
I will reiterate that I am to blame alone for my behavior. However, such events as took place a couple years back – when my Pappaw passed I was already near a breaking point and not matter how much I cried about it and whined to God – I couldn’t change a thing. Miraculously that changed May of 2013 – thank God. In the due process these changes were necessary and I suppose my predicament isn’t all bad if I consider the pro-vs-con.

Ouch – that hurts

Swallow your pride – but that stuff is bitter going down – acceptance is difficult.
Don’t Kill the Magic”, the debut album from MAGIC!
Hands In Chains by George Hodan

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