When many businesses and website owners think of adopting a backlink building strategy, they often focus on building quantity, reaching out to as many websites as possible to receive as many backlinks as they can.

However, although this approach may be somewhat effective, there is no set required number of backlinks that are considered “good in SEO.” Instead, backlinks are based on quality rather than quantity.

For example, you could have one link from a very high domain score, perhaps 70 plus, and three other links from very low scores, maybe below ten. The one backlink from the higher domain will be much more beneficial for SEO and will be better received by the search engines.

So, next time your building backlinks, you should assess the strength of these links before acquiring or asking for a link from every site you see.

Alongside making sure your links are from reputable sites with authority, it’s equally important to ensure the backlinks are from relevant sites. As a general rule of thumb: you should only ask for links from sites in your niche or that cover a similar topic. 

Links from sites not in your niche or not on the same topic may become spammy, doing more harm than good for your SEO.

Before asking for a link from another website, you should ideally perform a quick analysis of their site. You can use tools such as Ahrefs to do this, allowing you to gain an overall picture of the website.

Look for any red flags, perhaps massive dips in traffic or backlinks, as this may be a result of a Google penalty or a site that isn’t performing too well. In these instances, it’s best to refrain from asking for a link, instead, keep searching for more relevant sites that your content is better suited for.

To conclude 

There is no set number of backlinks you should aim to acquire for a single post, page, or for your website, in general. Instead, you should focus on obtaining quality links as these are much more worthwhile for your SEO.

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